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  • Thursday, May 17, 2018
    BS&W-Brenham opens orthopedic department
    Baylor Scott & White Hospital-Brenham celebrated the expansion of its orthopedics department and welcomed orthopedic surgeon Dr. Michael Connally Wednesday afternoon.

    The new department is one of several improvements the hospital has made during the year, including a new CT unit, new roof, expanded orthopedic equipment capabilities and new beds.

    The hospital now can offer orthopedic surgery, reducing the need to travel long distances to other places that perform the service.
    In the past year, it also has an expanded sports medicine and rehabilitation service, and expanded its pain management clinic, establishing a multipurpose surgical space for pain management and cardiac testing.

    This was done with the partnership of the Baylor Scott & White Foundation, which through community support of a significant donation helped buy the new equipment.

    “It’s a great hospital. It’s thriving,” said Jason Jennings, CEO and president of Baylor Scott & White-College Station.

    “While we may be the largest not-for-profit in the state of Texas, healthcare needs to be local, healthcare needs to be in the community,” said Jennings. “So when Dr. Connally approached us and said ‘I’d love to do orthopedics in Brenham, ’ we said, ‘Let’s get this done.’”

    He said the hospital has been trying to get an orthopedic surgeon for more than two years.

    “You’re truly getting an outstanding surgeon but somebody that has one of the best bedside manners that I’ve seen,” Jennings said.
    Joel Schretenthaler, vice president of the Baylor Scott & White Brenham Foundation’s board of trustees, thanked the community for helping with fundraising that helped support the projects.

    “If we can make Dr. Connally busy, we can make this community feel like they can stay here and have their orthopedic needs met. And that’s one step of bringing healthcare to stay in Brenham and stay local,” he said. “The Foundation Board is here to help the hospital thrive.”

    Shirley Herring, chair of Baylor Scott & White Medical Center-Brenham board of trustees, said the most excited were Schretenthaler and Connally because of new equipment, and talked about the dedications in the past year for the new additions.

    “You say, ‘Well what do these things have in common’ and kind of building on Jason’s theme, it’s a partnership. Baylor Scott & White has been willing to make the investments that we need in this community to deliver the healthcare that we need locally in our community,” Herring said. “In many cases Scott & White has built out the space, but then the foundation has delivered those tangible assets like equipment to get those projects done more quickly.

    “Who supports the foundation? It’s every single person in our community by supporting our events, just giving ongoing philanthropic support,” she added, saying they asked a lot of questions to ensure the money is spent wisely.

    “Many communities our size and even those that are larger than we are are struggling mightily to keep their healthcare strong and local, especially here in the state of Texas,” said Herring. “So when I look at three events within basically a year where we’re expanding our healthcare offerings, that really speaks volumes about our community and the people that are supporting our community.”
    Connally said he was very excited to be in Brenham to provide orthopedic services, and thanked the foundation and community for their help.

    “I want to say thank you to the foundation for everything that they’ve given, the money that they’ve put forward, their commitment to giving us everything we need. State of the art equipment to provide the absolute best care we can for Brenham patients is phenomenal,” he said, adding this helps patients’ well-being not having to travel for services. “Second is to Baylor Scott & White for taking what I’ve said, listening to what I said and saying ‘Yes, we are committed to getting you what you need’ and providing the most state of the art and best care we can for patients here in Brenham.

    “Without that support none of this could happen and I’m really excited to be a part of Baylor Scott & White and then here in Brenham.”

    John O’Hearne, new vice president of operations at Baylor Scott & White Medical Center–Brenham, said he was “blown away” by the community support of the hospital.

    “You care about each other, you take care of each other and I think that shows in the commitment the Foundation has made to this hospital and that the community has made to this hospital,” he said. “What we want to do as hospital leadership at Baylor Scott & White is to reciprocate that and make sure that we are giving you the hospital that you deserve and the healthcare that you deserve every day.”

    Tours were given of the new CT scanner and other areas of the hospital such as the surgery wing.