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  • Friday, June 22, 2018
    Kingwood Church helps county after Brenham helps them during storm

    The UM ARMY has brought its own army of young people for mission work around Brenham.

    Approximately 120 youth, college leaders and adults from Kingwood United Methodist Church came to the call.

    UM ARMY or United Methodist Action Reach-Out Mission by Youth, had 15 teams going out in Brenham, Chappell Hill and Burton this week to help in any way they are needed.

    They are doing minor home repairs for people who don’t have the resources or physical ability to do it themselves, cleaning up areas and doing little tasks to help.

    Melanie Cheairs, camp director of UM ARMY, said it was special the group was able to help out Brenham — payback.

    “Kingwood had 3,000 homes flooded in (Hurricane) Harvey, including our high school, and the high school was closed for an entire year,” she said. “What Jennifer (Patrick) told us was part of Brenham church community’s efforts to help Kingwood — to send supplies and school supplies to our school. They lost everything.

    “So they had a group from here provide supplies to Kingwood when we were in the middle of the flood situation. And then the Lord really placed on my heart to come to Brenham to do our camp this summer. I had no idea that they had already been so supportive and helpful to Kingwood, and I really kind of feel like that was just a little gentle nudge from the Lord to say, ‘You know, go to Brenham because those people are great and they care about you guys.’”

    Patrick said their church collected school supplies for the teachers and students, who had to share a campus with Summer Creek High School for several months before returning to their repaired home campus March 19.

    “Those Kingwood teachers lost everything in their classrooms. So we reached out to a teacher there to help out,” she said. “And now, fast forward, and a group from Kingwood is here to help our community out. It’s kind of a holy full circle moment.”

    First United Methodist Church here has been hosting the missionaries since Sunday, opening Sunday school rooms for sleeping quarters. The missionaries have been preparing meals in the church’s kitchen and then attending worship in the sanctuary and activity center.

    And it’s only the start of the busy summer at the church.

    “Saturday, we will get the church cleaned up and ready for hosting Vacation Bible School starting Monday,” said Patrick.

    For Cheairs, the experience has been great not just for the service they have given to the community, but because of Brenham’s welcome response to the group.

    “I say this with as much sincerity as I can — Brenham seems a little bit like heaven on earth. Nobody is resistant to our being here,” she said. “Not that we would expect them to be but the community has reached out so quickly to support us and to help us with this entire mission, from people offering us sites to go work on and the local stores helping us, and just anyone we meet they’re just interested in who we are and what our kids are doing and thankful and they speak it out loud.

    “They’re just so grateful that we’re here. They’re just really genuinely kind and welcoming to us.”

    Cheairs also said the support has also impacted the youths and thanked the community for it.

    “Thank you for letting these kids come in and see the act of servanthood can be a blessing and the people here think they’re being blessed by the work the kids are doing. Maybe that’s a tiny piece of it, but they go home changed more than they create the changes,” she said.